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Create Your Own Custom Sports Tour with PLC Sports Travel

In addition to our scheduled tours, we work with teams to customize trips to suit their specific needs. Custom sports tours for male or female teams can accommodate any age group, skill level and desired locations. We are also pleased to announce we now offer tours for many different sports including hockey, soccer, baseball, floorball, rugby, field hockey and more!



PLC Sports Travel offers so many options for amazing tour destinations. We’ve taken teams on tours all over Europe and our contacts in the industry are unmatched. 

If you can’t decide where to go, let us explore the tournaments available based on your team’s requirements and propose some great locations we think you might enjoy. 

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At PLC Sports Travel, we strive to offer the best tour experiences at the best price. Our custom tour packages always include 3 star to 5 star hotel accommodations, breakfast each morning, bus transportation, and all exhibition and tournament game costs.

Additional sightseeing and exhibit costs may be included as requested by the customer.



PLC Sports Travel Tours are unique. Our tours are designed for a family experience. Most PLC Sports Travel Tours include several family members including siblings and grandparents. Everyone is welcome!

Not only do our tours offer the opportunity to play against European teams, but players and families will also explore new cultures, new cities and make new friends.

Single Travellers

Now You Can Travel With Your Team or With Ours.

PLC Sports Travel recognizes that recruiting an entire team for an international tour is a big challenge. Quite often teams end up short a few players and that can jeopardize a tour. But don’t worry, we have a solution – the PLC Sports Selects!

Join the PLC Sports Selects TeamPLC Sports Travel recruits players in every sport to form a PLC Sports Travel Select team. Individual players in any sport are encouraged to sign up for a tour that interests them. You will be placed on a waiting list to see if any teams need to add a player to their team. When a position is available you will be contacted.

Players can register on-line for a tour that interests them and once enough players have committed, the team will be formed. In order to ensure players get the maximum enjoyment from their tour, interviews may be required to ensure each player has the appropriate skill level for each tour. PLC Sports Travel teams are available for all youth and adult sports teams.

Individual sign ups are available for all Youth Sports Tours, Adult Sports Tours and Educational Tours. Please contact us for more details.


The first step to booking a custom tour with PLC Sports Travel is to give us a call! We will have a discussion with your trip leader to find out...

After we’ve gathered all of your tour requirements, PLC Sports Travel will put together a proposed itinerary listing the desired locations, sightseeing opportunities and games you’ll be playing.

Once your team has approved the proposed itinerary we can go ahead and finalize the tour package cost. Our tours are priced per person and player’s family members are...

Before you go, you can review our FAQ or Travel Tips page for some handy travel tips. When you get back, be sure to leave a review of your tour on our website...

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Great! To get started, simply give Peter a call at 705-733-9500 or send an email to to begin talking about your ideas for an amazing sports tour!